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I'm a software developer, I love creating minimalist and efficient software and to contribute to open source projects. Currently I am adventuring into the front-end world, learning HTML, CSS and Javascript, on the road some projects came along and some are previous to that time. I'm available to work if you want to hire me.

My email: bleemayer@gmail.com

My website: myr.sh

GitHub: github.com/blmayer

Lattes: 8319612533275452

This CV is also available in JSON format.

blmayer@~ $ skills

Golang      [|||||||||||||||||    78%]
Python      [||||||||||||||       61%]
C           [|||||||||||          52%]
R           [||||||||||           50%]
JavaScript  [||||||||             35%]
MongoDB     [|||||||||            42%]
Kubernetes  [|||||||              31%]
Docker      [||||||||||           46%]
AWS Lambda  [|||||||||||||||||    79%]
Shell/Linux [|||||||||||||||      74%]
Mathematica [|||||||||||          55%]
GCP         [||||||||||||         58%]
MySQL       [|||||||||||          52%]
Flutter     [|||||||              30%]
Battery:  100%
Uptime:   31 years

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licentiate degree

@@ -2010-01-01 +2014-01-01 @@
Licentiate degree in Mathematics by Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.


@@ title @@ Integrando Alguns Conteúdos do Ensino Médio com Equações Diferença
@@ link @@ keynote monography

bachelor degree

Bachelor degree in Mathematics by Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.


@@ title @@ Equações de Diferenças aplicadas em Séries e em outras áreas do conhecimento
@@ link @@ article keynote

best undergraduate thesis award

Awarded the best undergraduate thesis of the Mathematics, Computer Science and IT courses departments on 2014.
@@ title @@ Equações de Diferenças Aplicadas em Séries e em outras Áreas do Conhecimento

master of science

@@ -2014-06-01 +2016-06-01 @@
MsC in Electrical engineering and computing by Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.

Supervisor: Dr. Luiz Henrique Alves Monteiro.

master's thesis

@@ title @@ Redes de Newman-Watts Acopladas Como Modelo de Sistema Visual de Mamíferos
@@ link @@ dissertation

Book chapter translation

This work translated chapter 7 from Spanish to Portuguese.
@@ title @@ Proyecto LATIn Inteligencia Artificial
@@ link @@ PDF tex


@@ title @@ Sincronismo entre Redes Neurais Complexas: Um Modelo de Sistema Visual de Mamíferos

@@ journal @@ Proceeding Series of the Brazilian Society of Computational and Applied Mathematics

@@ DOI @@ DOI


@@ title @@ On Synchronizing Coupled Retinogeniculocortical Pathways: A Toy Model

@@ journal @@ Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience

@@ DOI @@ DOI

wolfram summer school

@@ project @@ UNICODE OCR with Neural Networks
@@ link @@ keynote notebook

brazilian wolfram tech conf. lecture

@@ -2016-11-06 +2016-11-06 @@
Gave a lecture about the new, at the time, Wolfram Mathematica neural networks framework features, during the Brazilian Wolfram Conference at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. @@ link @@ notebook

neural networks workshop

@@ -2016-11-20 +2016-11-20 @@
Ministered a workshop about the Wolfram Mathematica neural networks framework features and applications, during the Semana da Computação Natural given by the Natural Computing Laboratory at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.


@@ -2017-02-01 +2019-02-01 @@
Looqbox is a business intelligence startup situated in São Paulo, Brazil. I worked there for 2 years, mostly as data scientist, and back-end developer. I developed skills in R, Python, Docker and Java, during the data scientist period I stayed very close to many clients, acting like project manager for some cases.

Some projects worth mentioning are:

Developer docker image ++++
Built a docker image with RStudio and all configs/assets needed for devs, the intention was to provide a uniform and complete environment for developers.
ODBC Support +++++++++
This project installed drivers and made all integrations on the platform so the clients could use ODBC databases seamlesly.

brazilian wolfram tech conf. lecture

Presented about wolfram technologies used at looqbox. That year the conference was help in Cubo.
@@ title @@ Wolfram na looqbox
@@ link @@ slides


@@ -2019-03-01 +2020-10-01 @@
Poupachef is a startup that connects food distributors to restaurants, bakeries and bars I co-founded. During the two years of work I developed the whole cloud infrastructure, micro-services, android app, intranet and data routines.

Micro-services where written in Golang and deployed as lambda functions using cloud formation, and data routines in Python, using MySQL and MongoDB as data bases.

The cloud was a hibrid of AWS/GCP, with back-end services in AWS and data routine/MySQL on GCP. The Android app had its first version in Kotlin, then it was converted to React Native.


@@ -2019-06-01 +2023/08/03 @@
PhD in Electrical Engineering and computing by Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.


@@ title @@ Explorando sequ�ncias de d-primos e de divisores com algoritmos de visibilidade
@@ link @@ thesis

mentor at HACKCOVID19

@@ -2020-05-06 +2020-05-22 @@
Tech mentoring during a hackaton about COVID19, check the official website devpost website.

medium post

@@ title @@ Running and debugging Go Lambda functions locally
@@ link @@ Medium post


@@ title @@ A Numerical Study on the Regularity of d-Primes via Informational Entropy and Visibility Algorithms

@@ journal @@ Complexity

@@ DOI @@ DOI


@@ -2020-10-01 +2022-10-01 @@
TradersClub, AKA TC, is a brazilian fintech that teaches you how to trade. I worked as a Golang back-end developer, developing the payment micro-service, that included working on projects like HubSpot, while in that team I created the service invoices integration. On the feed app team I helped creating a pipeline for mining news. Lastly I went to work on the R&D team.

medium post

@@ title @@ The Gemini web: a brief intro
@@ link @@ Medium post

medium post

@@ title @@ A simple architecture for cache or web-socket layers
@@ link @@ Medium post

@@ -2022-07-01 +2022-10-01 @@
Joined the R&D team on TradersClub.


@@ -2022-10-01 +2023-05-01 @@
Sibros is a tech company that enables communication between e-vehicles and the cloud. I worked as a Golang back-end developer, on the fleet intelligence team, I helped developing the data pipeline that powers the main company product.

lecture at Brazilian Wolfram Tech Conference

@@ -2022-11-05 +2022-11-05 @@
Gave a lecture about my PhD thesis: a research about the so called d-prime numbers, during the Brazilian Wolfram Conference at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.
@@ link @@ notebook


@@ title @@ On the divisors of natural and happy numbers: a study based on entropy and graphs

@@ journal @@ Complexity

@@ DOI @@ DOI


@@ -2023-11-01 +2023-12-01 @@
Apprenty is a Braziliam Edtech startup featuring a chatbot that helps young people get their first job and helps them during their carreer. I was hired to build and deliver their main product. So I developed 2 AWS Lambda services one in Go and other in python, the service turned out to be a custom integration between chatGPT and WhatsApp.

The project was successfuly deployed.