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these projects are too small to need a real VCS,
however, contributions are very welcome.

general recomendations

to contribute, please follow these rules:

- use the repo name as recipient, i.e.

- use plain text email. more info and
recomendations can be found on

- patches can be sent using git email, see
git send email


a partial but useful implementation of Markdown
in POSIX shell script that only depends on printf

v0.1.0.zip release notes v0.2.2: added support for linked images. v0.2.1: fixed single word links and images. usage shelldown reads from standard input, so use shell redirection or pipe content, e.g. $ shelldown < file.md installation copy the shelldown script to your $PATH or source it in your shell rc file. license this software is licensed under the BSD 2-clause license. (C) 2023-24 Brian Mayer site content of myr.sh, AKA this place latest.zip license creative commons zero license blog content of blog.myr.sh latest.zip license creative commons zero license